open_channel_d (open_channel_d) wrote in muncle,

Obsession 2

My first slash the drabble, brazenly stolen from Svetlanacat :)

Oddly enough, details drew his attention. Details he wouldn't have noticed before. Silky, dark, always perfectly neatly combed hair, causing the wish to touch them with fingers. Impenetrable, mischievous, chocolate, sometimes innocently boyish, sometimes so sad or puppy brown eyes. His smile, which it’s impossible to resist. Always smiling, such attractive lips. And – he couldn't help sighing at the thought – the most beautiful butt. Yes, details he wouldn't have noticed before... in a man.
It was kind of an obsession, he had to admit it. An obsession at first sight, unexpected, inconceivable, extravagant and devastating.


He was looking at him, smirking as if he knew. He didn't. Of course not.
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