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Wish 2

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Yes, sir...”

It doesn't happen as often as I wish... I'm watching him. His dark, shiny hair, faultlessly styled, his neck, his broad shoulders...

No, not yet, sir.”

He stands next to me... I envy the way he's so laid back, his hand in his pocket... he's always so relaxed. I am not. I can't. He's so close.

Yes, I understand, sir.”

He's listening at Waverly's directions, concentrated on the minor detail, as usual... But today, there is something different. He took off his jacket.

Yes, of course, sir.”

He usually keeps it. Always. He's gorgeous in his white shirt, unbelievably seductive, I'd say... almost flirtatious. But somehow he's unaware of this. He can't help... even if there is no woman around.

Close. He's so close...

Tomorrow? Yes, sir...”

He sighs, his shoulders getting up, imperceptibly. He rolled his eyes. I know he did. His eyes... Women say “hazel”... Sometimes, obsidian... sometimes Tiger's Eye... Warm, burning Tiger Eye... And he's pursing his lips... I can see it. His tantalizing lips... as if about to kiss someone. To kiss me...

No. He's just eager to take action.

So am I.

Wish Waverly would stop talking...

Wish I'd be brave... fool enough...

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